I’m not a writer, but I wrote a book.  I’m just a crafty chick living in Idaho.

One day, visions started popping into my head…characters, places, situations.  I started writting them down.  All out of order, disassembled.

I hand wrote everything.

A story started to emerge.  Characters had feelings.  Situations had dialogue.

I wrote and re-wrote, entrusting a handful of friends to read the work.

I wrote and re-wrote some more.

Now I’m at a point where we are proof-reading and starting the marketing process.

This book isn’t “my baby”.  It changes and grows beyond what I have created.  Half the time I feel like it is writing itself (so if it sucks, it’s not my fault).  I like to keep it informal, conversational.

Vampire books don’t have to be angsty.  They don’t have to be trite or verbose.  I didn’t write it in the candlelight, on dark stormy nights.  I did write once in a cemetary, but that’s another story.

I hope the world I’ve created and the mythology I’ve decided on will entertain you as it has me.

Thanks for looking!