Oh, it was well worth the wait. Some people had been waiting in line since the day before. I left the hotel room at 8am and I thought I was hardcore.

Oh hellz no.

I definitely was in the back of the line. Not the very end, mind you. No, no. From my seat, there was at least another 1000 yards of people. But the line in front of me…F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

This was not my line. My line was full of vampire porn lovin’ chicks.

As they started letting people in, there were moments of “I’m not getting in” and moments of “Oh hellz yeah I’m getting in.” The room never seemed to fill up.

You know when it did fill up? Two people before I was allowed in.

“NO!” you think. Nope. That was just for the first panel…for some show I’ve never even heard of. And as that panel ended, people exited and I was then let in, just in time for the Once Upon a Time panel.

I had never seen the show before then and the actors and writers on stage were so friendly and so genuine, that I quickly added the show to my list.

I did end up watching it and really enjoy it! Except the finale, but that’s another post.

I also sat through the Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad and Futurama panels. Yeah, except for the stereotypical guy that asked about time travel in Futurama, they were pretty tame.

Then the Vampire Diaries. Oh man. Yeah. I was not a fan before Comic Con and I am not a fan afterwards. The fans were intense and the main chick was boring. Not gonna lie, one of the brothers was dreamy. Way dreamy. But not dreamy enough that I didn’t spend that hour writing a death scene for my own book.


wait for it


I had waited in that room since 10am. I hadn’t left to pee. I ate goldfish crackers to survive.

They were super nice. And appreciative. And attractive.

This was the only picture I got before my camera died. Worst. Ever.

Anna Paquin was super pregnant. Christopher Meloni was thrilled. Ryan Kwanten didn’t say much. I want to be Deborah Ann Woll when I grow up. And Rutina Wesley.

I was upset when Alan Ball said he wasn’t returning for the next season. He his a huge inspiration for me (But that’s another post).

The only thing I regret from the entire experience is not having balls to push forward and get pictures and autographs. But the best part of sitting in the middle? I sat next to an usher, who ended up giving me his swag ticket. So I got to go to another building and claim my prizes. TWO prizes. Which I got to share with the best friend and the girl friend.

You’re welcome.

What did I learn from this panel? That I love vampires and that I want to be on one of those panels one day.