On day two, I continued my novel-writing research by attending a panel entitled “Paranormal Love Potion.”

There was a panel of women who all wrote in the genre of Paranormal Romance. There was only I recognized. I followed her randomly on Twitter, unbeknownst to me that she was actually kind of a big deal. Which also proves that I need to get my head out of my ass and read more.

“I am the only author who has written more books than he’s read.”

I was a little disillusioned.

An audience member (a man from a newspaper, not necessarily a fan) asked a question of the panel regarding Vampires being the “It” monster. Immediately the audience boo’d him and the commentator chastised him for not knowing that no one on the panel wrote about vampires.

Another audience member asked if the authors ever wrote love scenes first then the rest of the story. They all said no.  They all started at the beginning and ended at the end.

Well that’s no fun, and I definitely felt self-conscious that I write out-of-order and that one of the first scenes I wrote was my characters first kiss.

What I got from this panel?

Not much.

The commentator had cute hair.

And what of vampires being the “It” monster. It doesn’t matter how many books are out there in the paranormal romance universe, the media gives attention to a particular subset and that’s what we see “exploding.”

We can also use this chart:


I don’t write about vampires because they are popular. I write about vampires because I like vampires. I like teeth and blood and hypnotism and demons and strength. I like vampires as the good guys and as the bad guys.

I had one friend, one of my first sets of readers, tell me that my writing was good but that I should start over and write about something less cliché. Fair enough, friend. Whether or not you think vampires are too mainstream now, literature has been full of them since way before Twilight and Buffy and Vampire Diaries and Sookie Stackhouse. It’s not going to stop me from sharing my awesome story, another vampire in the sea of monsters; another chick narrated novel.

What makes mine different?

It’s mine.