Lots of things have happened in the world of In Between: The novel.

In my last post, at least 80 years ago, I went from Draft Five to Draft Six. I have since written Draft Seven and sent it to forty different people. I got great feedback from two people in particular and have Draft Eight on hold while I:

Put together Draft Two of Book Two.

I needed to let the info from Book One simmer while I figured out problems in Book Two and Book Three. The Girlfriend and I had several Cracker Barrell writing sessions and hashed out some great ideas.

I finished typing everything I had written on Book Two and am now in the first editting process. I am about 2/3 done with that.

Book Three has several scenes written, but is all on the back burner. Book Three has a bad guy now, and a little to my dismay, it’s not someone who can be played by Tom Hindleston. Sorry Tom.

In other news:

A friend of mine kicked National Novel Writing Month’s ass and finished the novelization of a movie he filmed. Ian was a great source of encouragement and we had many a-writing parties just to keep each other in line. The Boyfriend joined in as well, working on his very creative screenplay. It is thanks to Ian that I got as much written as I did! So all of the people out there waiting for Book Two should thank him 🙂

I’ll stop there so I have something to write about next time 🙂