…don’t judge me. 🙂

I’d like to blame it solely on how busy I’ve been writing my novel, but everyone knows that life gets in the way and there are only so many hours…#blahblahblah

But I’ve gone from Draft 5 to Draft 6, making huge improvements along the way.

Nancie, my partner-in-crime, said that Draft 5 was a story, and Draft 6 is a novel.  That was a huge confidence boost! Thanks!

So I decided to let other people read my book…not just my good friends whom I’ve trusted for years.  Random people who caught the offer on facebook could send me their email address and get the first 10 chapters…Except Emma…who is 15…she got the first chapter, and will get the rest once I edit out the steamy chapters…

And the outcome?

Favorable!  People really enjoy it. “I couldn’t stop reading” and “I like your style” were consistent remarks! Wahoo!

I even had a friend say this:

OMG!  you are killing me by ending there! I am loving this book, Shannon. I will be waiting impatiently for the next installment for sure. I have to know what happens!
I love your writing style! It’s so casual and sarcastic, yet thoroughly descriptive, smart and full of imagery. This is a really fantastic book. Congratulations, girl!  I am totally impressed!
P.S. You should know that I sat down to just read a few pages then get on with my day. Here I sit at 4:15 in the afternoon with my pajamas still on and I haven’t gotten up to do more than grab a snack or pee since I started. Well done.

So my next big hurdle is to lengthen book I believe by almost doubling it.  I am getting inconsistent information about just how many words a book in my genre is.  I guess the next big step is determining my genre. Mystery? Horror? Fantasy? Crime? “Vampire Mystery Romance” isn’t an actual genre, but you think it would be!

I am very thankful to have friends willing to read copy after copy to help in the whole process.  Friends who are Spelling Bee Champs who hate Vampires.  Friends who love to read but hate first person, female narrator vampire books…people who just over all hate vampires…and the select few who revel in all vampiric goodness like I do 🙂

So the offer applies here as well – if you’d like to read the first 230 pages/43k words/11 chapters, let me know!  I could use the feedback!