It’s so funny that this popped up as a topic for post ideas…

I think I listen to awesome music.  And it was a sad day today when I realized that Roosevelt, the main chick in my book (in case you are missing the point of this blog), would definitely be a Jason Mraz fan.  Sigh.

That guy I married ask, “Why would you create a character that is so lame?”

Fair enough.  But I know and love many people who enjoy the work of Mr. Mraz, and just because I think he’s not so awesome (that’s me being polite right there…) doesn’t mean that the people who like him are not so awesome as well.

But it brought me to an even better realization!  Narrator Roosevelt and Roosevelt from this episode are two different people.  Her adventures shape her and there has to be some highs and lows, some changes…she has to start out one way so she can change into something else…but I think she’ll always have a soft spot for Hey Soul Sister, even if it kills my soul 🙂

So she likes cheery, plucky guitar music…not all of us can be emo, alternative British, minor key, melodic piano music lovers…she also likes the Exorcist.